Monday, May 17, 2010

Tent Time!

The illness is nearly gone in our house and the sun and warm temperatures have once again returned, so life is good! We spent the entire day outside playing today. At the request of the kids, I even set up their tents (actually a tee pee and an igloo) outside and I fully expected that to occupy them. After 5 minutes, they wanted nothing to do with their mountain of outdoor toys or individual dwellings, they spent HOURS digging in black dirt. We have some projects going on in our backyard leaving a lot of exposed dirt for the the time being and they were drawn to it. Graham spent his day "digging for dinosaur bones" and Amelia spent her day happily taking orders from him. She's just happy to be included in his games! :) Hopefully, our backyard work wraps up soon because the amount of dirt that covered these two by bedtime was honestly comical. In my opinion though, dirty kids are a sign that a really good time was had outside!

Happy Girl!

Neighbors-Graham was insistent that a tee pee and an igloo don't "live next door to each other" but I reminded him that in our backyard, we can do what ever we want!

Grandma stopped by after a golf lesson to visit Amelia in her toddler sized tee pee :)


Kris Greer said...

A perfect summer day!

Patty Lucken said...

So cute of Grandma, Amelia and the teepee tent all in pink!! Perfect!! I also love Graham's expression in his tent! Such adorable kids!!