Friday, January 30, 2009

The next step...

Ever since we received our I600 approval, I've had the ability to track our progress. Even with the name error, we've technically had approval since 1/21 but I managed to hold off checking on things until today. The next step is for our paperwork to be logged in, then out, of the National Visa Center. When I called the NVC this afternoon, I was hoping to at least hear we've been logged in, but I heard better. Not only have we been logged in, but as of 1/28, we've also been logged out! That means, that the next stop for our paperwork is the US Embassy in Seoul! If you look at our checklist of what has to happen before Amelia can come home, you'll see that we're on #5 out of 7. AND, step #7 is that we get the phone call telling us she's ready to travel! When we got our call for Graham, I answered the phone early one morning and heard "Melissa, go get your boy!!!!" I have goosebumps thinking about that moment, and can't wait until I'm told "Melissa, go get your girl!!!"

Things on the US Government side of the process have been moving right along. But, I got confirmation this morning from our agency that there is a major backlog in the portion of the Korean government that deals with adoption. We were told not to expect this to slow us down though, and that when the time comes to really wrap things up for us, that hopefully things will be moving at a normal speed again. So, our family could use all the good thoughts, vibes, prayers, whatever it is you do, sent our way....actually if you could direct them to Seoul and the government, and of course Amelia too, that would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I600 Approval....THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!

I am one happy lady right now! As it turns out, our adoption agency was correct in suggesting that fixing the name error wouldn't be a big deal. In fact, the mistake has already been fixed!!!!! We should be receiving our corrected copy in 2-3 days via mail, but the next government agency to need our I600 (the NVC), has already received a corrected faxed copy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things should really be moving along for us now, without this causing a bit of a delay. The other exciting thing about this stage of the process, is that I now have the ability to track our paperwork for the few remaining steps.

On another note, today Amelia turns 7 months old! The most recent picture we have of her is when she turned 3 months old so I'm more than ready to see how much she's changed in these past few months. I think it's time for her to come home....don't you???

Friday, January 23, 2009

I600 approval, BUT....

Lucky for me, the agency we're working with is AMAZING! Who would have guessed I'd get an email response at 6:45 on a Friday night! I was told, "not to stress about this" (easier said than done, but I'll try!) and that this would be taken care of first thing on Monday. It was also suggested to me that this might not even be a problem that needs fixing. The actual documents were already sent on, and what I received was just a notification. So, I suppose there is a chance, that on the official documentation her name is spelled correctly. This process is so strange at's strange to put so much faith in others doing their jobs...bringing our daughter home depends on it. So, until Monday we'll wait...

This afternoon I watched the mail truck stop at our mail box and I debated going out right away to see what had come. I had this feeling it might be worth my while, but I talked myself out of going into the freezing cold by reminding myself there was no way our approval could have come. After all, it had only been 48 hours since I was told I would have it in 6-8 business days. I ran an errand right before dinner and got the mail at 4:45 and my jaw dropped when I saw THE envelope. Then, my jaw dropped again, when I looked a bit more closely at our document. Everything is perfect except for the spelling of our daughters name. They spelled her Korean name wrong!!!! A visa can't be issued for an incorrect name!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately sent an email to our adoption agency to see what needs to be done to fix this ASAP but, it was close to 5:00 on a Friday so it's going to be a long weekend while I wait for news. I will embarrassingly admit to having a good cry after Jeff came home. This whole process is so emotionally daughter is living on the other side of the world and I just want her home! I think I'm done crying for the night and am ready to indulge in some pizza and a lot of chocolate ice cream. Chocolate helps everything, right???

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It pays to be polite....

No, we don't have our I600 approval yet, but it's coming! Thanks to my new 'best friend' at the Department of Homeland Security, I have received confirmation that our case is being processed and that our much desired piece of paper should be arriving in our mailbox in just 6-8 business days! I think I'll let our mailman have a few days of peace without the neighborhood stalker, but rest assured that I'll be back waiting anxiously for the mail truck to come down our street in a few short days.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The mailman stalker...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but the title of this post is referring to me! The next item to cross off our list before we can bring Amelia home is for our (s-l-o-w) government to issue our I600. We will be notified of this approval via mail which is why I anxiously, and very impatiently wait each day for the little white mail truck to drive up our street. Granted, the past few days have been way too cold for Graham and I to run out and immediately check our box which means I anxiously wait for Jeff to come home and grab the mail before he heads up the driveway. Jeff knows what we're waiting for, and he also knows I'm beginning to go a bit crazy with anticipation. I can tell by the look on his face if our coveted envelope has made its appearance and so far, all I've gotten is Jeff saying "Sorry, not today" This isn't taking any longer than we expected, it's just that we're at the point where it could be arriving any day, and I am more than ready!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amelia's Care Package

It's been just over a month since we saw Amelia's sweet little face. For the first few weeks, I can honestly say that I did a great job keeping my emotions in check. You can even ask Jeff if you don't believe me! But, in the past week, I can feel the frustration and emotional side of me creeping back up again. At times, this process almost feels like a cruel joke. 'Sure, we'll let you know you have a daughter. And sure, you can see a picture of her. And sure, we'll make you wait a few months before you're allowed to lay eyes on her'.

Waiting for our referral was so much easier this time (granted it also went much faster this time) but waiting for our travel call is not even a single bit easier. Waiting is hard. Waiting for the government to do their job is hard. Waiting for two governments to do their jobs is even harder! Trusting in the process and accepting the fact that I don't have a bit of control in when I bring my daughter home is quite possibly the craziest emotional roller-coaster I've ever been on. Actually, I've been on this ride before, so even though I'm able to anticipate the peaks and valleys, doesn't make the ride any smoother. So, I've once again called in my good friends 'Ben and Jerry'. I spent quite a bit of time with them while waiting for Graham's travel call, and they're back to offer support. :)

I've also indulged in some (ok a LOT) of retail therapy. I've waited a long time to walk into the girl section of the store and pick something out for my daughter. I've picked up a few things over the past year, but only now, do I know who I'm shopping for and it feels that much more special. Just like with Graham, we are allowed to send one care package to Amelia. Her care package went out almost immediately after we received her referral, but I haven't gotten around to sharing the details. We're only allowed to send a single gallon sized ziplock bag. And wow, did we pack that thing full! When we dropped the bag off at our agency, we were told that if it popped open, they would just tape it shut, so not to worry. :) Amelia is getting three outfits (are you surprised by the color???), a hair bow, a photo album of our family, and a disposable camera (with hopes that her foster family will take pictures of her for us). Now, if could only get an updated picture of her wearing one of these outfits!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

CHEER for our legals!!!!

Our legals have arrived!!! In case you want to know exactly what that means, check out this post, but otherwise, just know that this is a great step in the right direction. Originally, we were told not to expect this to happen for about a month, but instead we waited only two weeks. Let's keep this process moving and get Amelia home!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Room for a princess...

The time has finally come for us to get Amelia's room ready! The guest room has been empty for a bit, but I was hesitant to get her room ready too early and have it sit empty waiting for Amelia to come home. But, with our surprise referral a few weeks ago, I can safely say that it's time to get ready for her arrival! Her dresser has arrived, the crib is just waiting to be assembled, and the walls are prepped for pink paint. Here is our work in progress....say good-bye to the sage colored walls, and get ready for pink!