Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Open House

Tonight, I survived Kindergarten open house. I've been anticipating this open house with mixed emotions of excitement and dread. Mostly, I just can't comprehend how my little guy is old enough, and more than ready to attend school full time. But on the other hand, I'm excited for Graham. I have clear memories of my own Kindergarten experience-my teacher, my friends, the holiday parties, and I'm excited for Graham to experience these things.
 I love how Graham marched into school tonight clutching his bag of school supplies like he owned the place. I love how Graham insisted on wearing a broken Mickey Mouse watch because "that's what the big kids do", despite the fact that he has no idea how to tell time. I love the fact that Graham insisted that he wear his hair spikey with gel because "that's what Daddy does". I love how confident he is!
 Walking into Graham's classroom was a SHOCK. Graham is attending a Spanish Immersion school and yes, even the open house was completely in Spanish. Graham went completely silent and got wide eyed as he studied his teacher and tried to figure out what she was saying. I whispered over and over to him that it was ok to not understand her, and that with time, he would learn. Kindergarten is a big adjustment and Kindergarten in another language is a HUGE adjustment. Not just for Graham, but for his Mama too!


This is exactly how I'll remember Graham at this stage of life...dressed up in a costume. In this case, he was all dressed up to play 'Memory' with me.

We have a golfer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amelia's Newest Accessory

After a morning visit to the eye doctor including lovely eye drops which led to her sporting these stylish shades.....

It was determined that from now on, Amelia would need a brand new accessory!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but they are purple with polka dots on the side. Amelia was fitted and had a few good options to choose from. Once I snuck the pink plastic Disney princess frames back to the display, Amelia chose her favorite. We think she looks pretty cute!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Already????

Get ready for pictures, because I have a lot of catching up to do! July literally FLEW by! We stayed extremely busy and before I knew it, August was here! Our month was full-Halmoni and Haraboji were in town from Korea, Uncle Jon and Auntie Catherine were in town from Colorado, we celebrated the 4th of July, spent time at the lake, made time for a visit the Children's Museum, rode some amusement park rides at the Mall of America, enjoyed a quick trip to Duluth, and played a lot of soccer.

Our August is shaping up to be just as full and we're going to squeeze every last bit of fun out of summer as we can! That means you'll find us indulging in lots of frozen treats, stopping by the pool every free evening that we have, enjoying our last few weekends out on the boat, and spending time with our friends because all too soon, that thing known as school is going to change our daily schedule. Whether it's preschool of kindergarten, it's coming!

Amelia caught a fish and wanted NOTHING to do with it!

Even our enthusiastic swimmers didn't want much to do with the cold water of Lake Superior!

A Goal for the 'Blue Lightning'!

Amelia looks like she could melt after playing hard in HOT weather!

Graham and Amelia show of their awards

A Happy Birthday dinner for Uncle Jon

Amelia clearly thought riding the balloon ride at the Mall of America was amazing

This is how we shop these days. It does make for slow going, but I don't hear a single complaint about tired legs as Amelia is too focused on her baby to consider how far or long she's been walking! A win/win situation!

Two of Curious George's biggest fans so we had to check out the new exhibit at the museum!

Outdoor museum fun

Happy campers at the Mall of America
No, Amelia didn't eat all of these hot dogs. But, you won't find a bigger hot dog fan anywhere on the planet!  She was thrilled to pose with the hot dogs grilled to feed our 4th of July crowd

This is the first summer the kids will jump off the boat directly into the middle of the lake. A perfect way to spend hot days!

Amelia is all about safety. With a life jacket and an inner-tube, this girl takes no chances! :)