Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graham's Graduation

Today was the last day of the school year for Graham. His teachers hosted a graduation ceremony and invited friends and family to come watch. Daddy Jeff and Grandma were Graham's special visitors for the day! Graham got to sing songs with his teachers one last time, participate in a toddler style commencement, have a snack, and play at the playground for an entire half hour! Does it get any better than that?!?! I thought I would be emotional at school today, but I actually did pretty well...until his teachers both started crying when they hugged Graham good-bye. Then with more tears they hugged me good-bye and told me how much they adore Graham. The last thing they said to me was "You keep bringing home more babies!" I just smiled at them since you never really know what the future may bring!

Before the big ceremony, at Graham's suggestion, he Maddie played a quick game of pirates.

Jeff snapped this picture and while it may not look like much, Graham and I had just ended a very important conversation. Graham's graduation cap has blue yarn tassels and Graham (still in pirate mode) told me that pirates don't wear hats with "fake hair". It took a bit of coaxing, but he left the hat on when I told him that the boss of all the pirates wears a special hat with "fake blue hair". :)

This picture makes me laugh...the kids are having their snacks and the Daddy's, who so kindly stopped by during work, are just standing around not really knowing what to do!

One last group picture...two little girls decided they had enough of the camera's and decided to opt out

So, now that Graham has officially graduated from the Family Center school, he'll be starting pre-school in the fall. Real school. The kind of school where I drop him off and go home. I think the idea is that I use those few hours of being down to one toddler very efficiently, but secretly, I have a feeling I'll be watching the clock wondering if it's time to go pick him up yet. I am so extremely proud of the little boy Graham is becoming. He's smart, inquisitive, curious, helpful, funny, playful, kind, the list really does go on and on. But, I have to admit that the rate at which he's growing up is's all happening too fast! Graham's ready for school next year. The bigger question is...Am I???
Here is Graham on his very first day of school at the Family Center. He had been home just over a month at this point. He couldn't walk yet and for a snack, he sat at the table with his bottle of formula!

Here is Graham posing with his absolutely wonderful teachers on his last day of school at the Family Center! Can someone please tell me where my baby has gone?


Jim Olson said...

Don't worry Melissa. Your baby will still be there even if he is an adult and works at General Mills...

Kris Greer said...

Oh so sweet! Yes, the day and years fly by MUCH too quickly! We are all so very proud of you, Graham, and love you very much! :)