Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wii Bowling

Up until Saturday, neither of the kids even knew what a video game was. But, on a rainy day at the lake, after watching Daddy and Uncle Peter participate in some very animated competition, they were introduced. Amelia especially, took her role in bowling very seriously!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road Trip!

For the past few days we've been on an adventure-our first family road trip! We drove up the north shore and stayed on the beach of Lake Superior in a small town just south of the Canadian border. It was a wonderful few days for our little family-we threw lots of rocks, ate way too many treats, threw more rocks, did some hiking, threw more rocks, played a round of mini-golf, and just enjoyed spending time together!

Just hanging out...

We stopped in Duluth to enjoy lunch on the boardwalk. On a whim, we rented "silly bikes" as Graham calls them, and rode along the beach to get an ice cream treat.

This beach was steps from our hotel room. The thick fog you can see rolling in was very eerie...

Graham was in HEAVEN! Being allowed to throw rocks as hard and as far as he could do it. Does it get any better? Amelia only wanted to touch the "clean" rocks....not surprising I suppose.

This pouty lip is too cute not to share! Amelia's sad face came at the result of Daddy repeatedly telling Amelia not to put rocks in her mouth.

They made up!

Having fun at the "Worlds Best Donut" shop. Yep, they really were that good!

Riding the sky tram in Lutsen

Graham loved his sky tram ride!

Hiking in Lutsen

These two just couldn't throw enough rocks!

Our first family mini-golf experience. Let's just say that with toddlers along, the rules go straight out the window!

Split Rock Lighthouse

Looking out across the lake towards the Apostle Islands

Sunday, August 8, 2010

When Mama isn't looking...

This is what happens when I try to make dinner and have an adult phone conversation at the same time....
I suppose there are much worse things for them to get into than an empty bathtub full of toys. They had no clue I was taking their picture and I really wish I could get into their heads. What's with Amelia's top hat? And Graham's "air tanks"? This appears to be a fairly complicated game to me!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A day to relax....

We've been maintaining quite the hectic schedule lately, so spending a quiet day at the beach was exactly what we needed today. The kids had fun, the parents had fun, the weather was great, our picnic was delicious....I couldn't ask for a better Sunday!

The architect hard at work

Hanging on Daddy's leg

Working hard to conquer that pesky dirt fear!

Here comes Graham!

Happy, happy kids!