Monday, September 29, 2008

Making Progress!

I feel silly asking our program director for list updates too often, so I often find myself trying to come up with an excuse to be in touch with her so I can just slip in my 'real' question. I'm sure she sees right through my ploy, but she kindly plays along. :) This month, I luckily didn't have to try too hard to come up with an excuse to contact her. My parents so kindly offered to make a yearly donation to the Korean adoption agency in Graham's honor. So, I had the perfect opportunity to find out what is currently needed and at the same time find out what sort of progress we've made on the road to our little princess. I had an email response almost immediately, and to be honest, my stomach always drops a mile before I open it up. I always feel like I need to brace myself in case the news is less than favorable, but also don't want to start celebrating prematurely. Well, today, I want to celebrate because we're #27!!! Not too bad, considering that just a bit over two months ago, on July 24, we were the family occupying the 48th spot on the waiting list. I don't want to jinx the speed this time around, but do I dare say that things are moving along quite nicely and that we might be united with our little girl sooner than originally planned??? Only time will tell....