Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween from T-Rex, Elephant, Afro Wonder Woman, and the 70's Disco Dada who happens to be behind the camera!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween at school...

Graham had a Halloween party at school today and he was thrilled to wear his dinosaur costume out in public. There are 10 children in Graham's class but only a handful were willing to pose for pictures. Although Graham looks angry in this photo, I assure you he isn't. He's actually making what he calls his "t-rex face".

Amelia also had school today, but since her class is part of the public school district (Graham attends a Lutheran pre-school) costumes weren't encouraged since they could possibly be offensive to some (grrr....don't even get me started on this!). I couldn't possibly let a holiday pass by without dressing Amelia up in something though, so an orange tutu seemed like the perfectly appropriate option. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mail Call!

Yesterday, Graham and Amelia were the lucky recipients of a big box that came all the way from Korea! The kids wanted to tear into it immediately, but we waited until Daddy got home from work and I was actually able to hold them off until after dinner. In fact, I will confess to lining the packages up on the counter and insisting that the broccoli on their plate be gone before they were able to open them. It's all in the interest of healthy eating right??? And, since Halmoni is the healthy eating Queen, I figured it was ok to actually follow through! :)

The broccoli was eaten in record time and soon Graham and Amelia were happily ripping open their Halloween packages. Thank you very much, Halmoni and Haraboji, for all the treats! They loved everything, but I will say that the books, even a day later, are still what they're dragging around the house. I'm so thankful I have two little bookworms on my hands!

Amelia especially loves her Clifford book! This past week, Amelia has started talking NON STOP. No joke-the girl talks from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. She even talks through every meal. The other night at dinner, Jeff actually looked at me from across the table and mouthed "Does she ever stop?". The answer is no and the world according to Amelia is actually quite funny at times. Most of the time she talks about babies, princesses, and shoes, but recently, she's added "the big red dog" to her list of conversation topics, so the timing of the Clifford book and stuffed animal couldn't have been more perfect.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's pumpkin picking time!

What a treat to have Daddy home for an afternoon so we could visit the pumpkin patch during the week instead of fighting the crowds on the weekend!

Amelia held this pumpkin for about .5 seconds before putting it on the ground and proclaiming it "Dirty!"

We told Graham and Amelia that they could choose any pumpkin they wanted as long as they could carry it. Graham made sure he found the absolute largest pumpkin that his arms could lift!

Listening intently to the rules of the ride. They were going without an adult, so I lost track of how many times we told them "Do not stand up when the train is moving!"

There they go!

Monday, October 11, 2010

St. Olaf

Since Jeff and I both attended St. Olaf and loved every minute of it, we head down to campus at least twice a year. Fun visits to Northfield every now and then can't hurt in our quest to raise little Oles. :) Even at 3 years old, Graham looks forward to those special days when we visit his "cowlidge". In fact, on Gotcha Day, when we asked Graham what he wanted to do, he requested a St. Olaf visit. We couldn't make it happen during the week, but yesterday afternoon, seemed the perfect day to hang out at college.

Each time we visit campus, we take pictures of the kids in the giant St. Olaf chairs that are scattered around campus. I wonder how long Graham and Amelia will tolerate this little tradition of ours. I have a hard time imagining teenage kids thinking this is very cool! Anyways, here is a picture of each kid on their first St. Olaf visit and a picture from yesterday. Is it just me, or are these two growing up way too fast?!?!?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ballerina Girl