Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy (VERY belated) Birthday to Amelia!

This post is late. Very late. As in almost embarrassingly late. Amelia turned 4 on June 26 and I'm just now getting around to blogging about her celebration...oops!

I'm still in awe that my "baby" is 4. More days than not lately, I want to freeze time. I want to freeze time because Amelia loves nothing more than to cuddle up with a book so we can read together. She loves nothing more than to hang out with me in the kitchen while I'm cooking. I often lose track of how many unsolicited hugs and kisses she gives me each day. I'm told constantly "Mommy, I love you so much!" Amelia is my little shadow and I love it! I am so lucky and I often wonder, how I got so lucky. I have no doubt that Amelia was meant to be my daughter and I will be forever grateful that I  have the opportunity to watch her grow and see what life has in store for her!

At 4 years old, Miss Amelia is still as girly as they come. She loves pink, and dresses, and nail polish, and purses, and princess dress up clothes, and jewelry (more on this later), and shoes. Seriously, this girl loves shoes! In the past year she's also developed a love for all things pony. Pony toys, pony books, pony art projects, and cow girls who specifically ride ponies, not horses. So, it seemed fitting that Amelia celebrate another year in cow girl style with all her friends. We hosted her birthday bash at in indoor play area and served Amelia's very favorite dogs and chips (I never claimed it was a healthy choice!) Cupcakes topped with ponies wrapped up the night and I'm confident that Amelia had a great time!
Let dinner begin!

Make a wish!

Graham loved this slide!

Watching the party clean up...they were too worn out to even move!

Now, back to Amelia and her love of jewelry....I have a specific necklace that Amelia LOVES. She often asks to wear it and I'll occasionally let her if we're at home, but it's from Tiffany and Co., and to be honest, I'm afraid she'll lose, it so more often than not, she's stuck just admiring it. Leave it to Grandma and Grandpa to make her 4 year old dreams come true though. Amelia is now the proud owner of her very own mini Tiffany bean necklace. I'm quite confident that she's the youngest, and happiest owner around!

Amelia also enjoyed her very first trip to the American Girl Cafe. Seated next to Amelia,  is her trusty side kick "Amelia Bedelia" (creative naming on Amelia's part, right?). This cafe was made for my girl. Pink walls, pink booths, pink tables, and pink lemonade. Can it possibly get any better for a pink loving girl? It sure is good to be 4!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Team Olson

Tennis lessons started this morning, so let me introduce you to the newest doubles team in the neighborhood!

They aren't really a doubles team (I'm pretty sure one needs to make consistent contact with the ball to be a member of any team), but they did stick together like glue during their group lesson! As we were leaving the courts and heading to the car, Amelia looked at Graham and said "We're best buddies, right Graham?" and Graham said "Yep we'll always be best buddies, but that doesn't mean I always have to share my transformers with you!"

 I'm LOVING the stage we're at with the kids right now. For the most part, they really do get along and act like best buddies. But, I'm not going to pretend that we don't have days where I insist they play on different floors of the house just to give myself a referee break. These days, I'm doing my best to be deliberate with family time in an attempt to create lasting memories for the kids (and myself, who am I kidding) and my fingers are crossed that they enjoy each others company for the rest of the summer. Fall will be here before we know it and with it will come a new stage of life for us....ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!