Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zoo Day

We met up with our friends Maddie and Kelly to enjoy the animals on a day that felt so much like spring. The sun was shining, the thermometer went above 40 degrees, and Amelia and Graham had a great time observing the animals-it was impossible to not be in a great mood!

As I was driving home from the zoo I was really enjoying listening to the kids in the backseat. For once, they weren't fighting in their car seats!! Instead, Graham was 'reading' Amelia books, and she giggled with each turn of the page. This laughter was of course was all the motivation Graham needed, and his interpretations of each picture got livelier and livelier. My mind began to wander a bit and for some reason I found myself thinking back to last March. At this exact time last year, things were pretty tough. Our government was being extremely slow with issuing immigrant visa's and the Korean government was taking their sweet time with paperwork as well. I'm sure the blog posts from a year ago were filled with desperate ,whiny ramblings. But, in my own defense, I was desperate to have my baby girl home. I knew then, that things would eventually work out, but in the midst of such an agonizing situation, nothing brought me peace. I wish the 'Melissa of March 2009' could have had just a peek into the life of 'Melissa of March 2010' because life just can't get any better right now!

The theme of today's trip to the zoo ended up being 'fish'. Last time, Amelia was afraid of them and today, she couldn't seem to get enough...go figure.

Checking out the sting rays-Graham later asked me why he couldn't get in the swimming pool with them!


Leegirl said...

Graham looks adorable in hats!!:)