Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Children's Museum

Normally, on Tuesday's we have school. But, there are no classes this week which meant we were free today. Lucky for us, every other week the Children's Museum hosts 'Toddler Tuesday' which means they don't allow any school groups in. Today was the day and we were happy to roam around without being crowded out by the field trips. Since I know people really come here for the pictures rather than the commentary, today I'll give you a lot of pictures with not so many words. So, here it is, our morning at the museum!

Amelia and Graham playing in the dinosaur nest

Amelia was very specific about which dinosaur toys she would touch. She actually said "Icky!" and wrinkled her nose up at a few of them!

Paleontologist Amelia...the goggles and vest are a required uniform for digging up least according to Paleontologist Graham

Digging for dinosaur bones

Taking in the view of downtown St. Paul

Trying to be a mail woman/construction worker???

Apparently, they have a large family to feed

Face paint...Amelia will clearly have to refine her lip stick application technique before the teenage years hit!