Thursday, March 4, 2010

Broken Leg :(

Amelia has a broken right leg. I wasn't in the room when it happened, so I'm not even quite sure how it came to be. Amelia and Graham were playing at the train table while I was making dinner and the next thing I know, I heard Amelia screaming. She was sitting on the floor, and I assumed Graham took a toy from her or something simple along those lines. I carried Amelia around for a while then put her in the high chair for dinner. She wouldn't eat and only stopped crying for a few moments here and there to drink some milk. I got her out of the high chair and put her on the floor and she crumbled to the ground crying again. The poor thing couldn't even put weight on her leg. It was then that I realized something was really wrong. I immediately called the pediatrician and they told me to bring her right in.

Jeff was unreachable at work function this evening, so I loaded both kids into the car and away we went. Two hours later it was determined that Amelia's right leg has a clean fracture in it. The technical term for her break is a 'toddler fracture' as this is apparently fairly common in children this age. Tonight, they placed a splint on her leg and tomorrow we'll visit an orthopedist for a hard, I'm sure! Thankfully, I was able to rock Amelia to sleep and I'm hoping she's able to rest soundly for most of the night. She's not on any pain medication at this time though, so I wouldn't be surprised if tonight ended up being a long one for all of us. Please keep our little princess in your thoughts!


James said...

We feel so bad for the little Princess. Graham will have a lot of work to do to entertain her while she recovers.
Halmoni & Haraboji (Grandma & Grandpa Olson)

Patty Lucken said...

Poor Amelia.....prayers for her and her Mommy and Daddy!!

Steve and Krisanna said...

Poor Amelia!!! I hope she recovers very quickly.

Kris Greer said...

Poor little sweetie girl! Heal quickly, Amelia!