Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty in Pink

This morning Amelia and I headed to the pediatric orthopedist. We were unable to secure an actual appointment, but since Amelia absolutely needed to be seen today, we were told to come first thing in the morning and just wait until we could be worked in. So, I packed the diaper bag full of every treat imaginable, stickers, books, and of course Baby, and we began our wait of undetermined length. In the end, we sat in the waiting room for just over two hours and Amelia was an angel! She didn't fuss, whine, or show any frustration at all. She patiently sat next to me, holding her baby, drinking milk, and requesting that I read "Maisy Goes Shopping" every 10 minutes. Our girl is quite the trooper!

We were finally called back and unfortunately, this part wasn't very enjoyable for Amelia. Her foot had to be held at a 90 degree angle to her leg while her cast was put in place. This clearly caused her a great deal of pain and she arched her back and screamed the entire time. Honestly, I can't say I blame her one bit. Amelia is now sporting a hot pink, water-proof cast (yes, she can actually take a bath!) and will be, for the next 4-6 weeks. We were also given a 'shoe' to put on the end of the cast so when Amelia feels like walking, she can do so without wearing down the bottom of her cast. Supposedly, her leg will feel well enough in a few days to try walking, so hopefully, we'll be able to coax her into trying. In the meantime though, she sits on the floor, in one spot, unable to move. We tried encouraging her to crawl this evening, but she's not into that mode of transportation. I'm sure after a good nights sleep, and a few more hours of being frustrated that she can't reach any of the toys, will motivate her to figure out how to comfortably be mobile again.

After the doctor this afternoon, Amelia was not a happy girl. Despite Graham pleading with her to "just stand up and walk!", she sat glumly in this exact spot quietly sorting animals.

Finally, some smiles! Big doses of ibuprofen, a nice long nap, and the promise of french fries certainly do wonders!


Erin said...

Poor Amelia! We're so sorry to hear that she has a broken leg! Looks like she's on the mend already. Thinking of you all!