Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amelia's adjusting...

It's been a pretty quiet and uneventful weekend around our house. Amelia is still not able to comfortably put any weight on her leg, so walking is definitely still out for her. She crawls occasionally but still prefers to stay planted in one spot and be carried from room to room. She does pull up to a stand while in her crib, but I think that's because the mattress has some give to it. I'm really hoping that each day brings improvement and comfort for her so she's moving around again very, very soon!

We were able to encourage Amelia to stand up at the train table this morning. She's got most of her weight on her hands, but at least she got up on her feet, even if it was just for a few moments and even if it was because we were enticing her with jelly beans.

I know if I had to wear a cast, I would want my toes to look cute, so I figured Amelia would want the same....her first pedicure! :)

Our adaptive hockey team. And no, despite Amelia's lack of pants (what fits over a cast anyways???) and Graham's shorts, the weather really isn't that warm here. Graham decided that if Amelia didn't have to wear pants, then neither did he. Since we didn't leave the house today, a hockey jersey and pair of soccer shorts was his outfit of choice.