Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day Two: Return of the hair bow

I too noticed yesterday that a certain hair 'necessity' was missing from Amelia. Today Amelia woke up right on schedule....if you consider waking up at 930 on time!! As it's only day two of dada-weekend we stayed home in the morning, but Uncle Peter and Grandpa came by in the afternoon to say hello. Amelia is still confused that I am here to get her out of the crib but Graham usually comes flying around the corner with some musical instrument.

Is she excited to see me or the bowl of Cheerios in my hand? Or maybe because the hair bow is back.

Graham 'helping' her play his guitar as she finishes breakfast....if you look close he is holding her hand so she plays it 'really gentle Me-ya-ya'

Suddenly around the corner came 'Fireman Doctor' marching to a LOUD beat.

SUCCESS!!! By 10:10 both kids were fed and the kitchen was clean. Well success in dada-world anyway!

As I was taking the picture of the clock I realized I could hear running water. In the bathroom were my two little dentists. Apparently the child-proof latches are no match for these two. (The bathroom door is now closed 100% of the time unless needed)

After breakfast it was gift time from mama. Look Amelia has a different hair bow on vs. breakfast....trying to be like mama.

At lunch time Uncle Peter came over. Graham LOVES anything to do with Peter, especially his sunglasses.

'Olson & Olson Engineering' has brought another member to the team

Uncle Peter patiently building rockets. Amelia is running through the kitchen at this point with a rocket!

For dinner dada took the easy road and headed off to Costco. Both kids did a wonderful job, so they each get their own cup of ice cream!!! Okay, they were messy but I did remember the bibs.
Starting the get the hang of things now and I think I might make it to 10pm tonight. I can't remember the last time I was this tired. The kids definitely miss mama, but we're staying busy and individual ice cream cups definitely help.


ChanSoon said...

Two hairbows in one day! Melissa will be happy that Dada Jeff is becoming an expert. Way to go!


Nora said...

Way to go Da-da, I'm impressed!!

Leegirl said...

upside down goggles are a must for any little boy right??:)

Laura said...

You are doing great Jeff! Keep up the good work. A trip out and about, WOW good job!

Melissa and Jeff said...

Your blog entry has my Mom and I laughing because the pictures are so cute and descriptions so vivid. GREAT job! My Bahama adventure is quickly coming to an end, and I'm excited to see all three of you tomorrow! PS. Don't forget the hairbow! :)