Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Three: Adventuring beyond the house

Having mastered (okay sure an exaggeration, but we're all still alive) the day here at the home...home with visitors, we decided to go out for the afternoon and not just 5 minutes away to Costco. Good thing I had a few days under my belt because Miss Amelia woke up between 815-820.

What a breakfast...pancakes, milk and a giant red hair bow!

Not use to having both up before 9, I improvised in order to get the kitchen clean. Little did I know how 'traumatic' it would be once 'sticker time' was over.

I was proud that Amelia climbed up to join Graham in the chair (he's proud too, just on the inside). However, more impressive is that nobody pushed, poked, sat on, scratched, screamed....basically there was a treaty for a few minutes to read books. Just kidding, the two of them have gotten along really well.

At lunch Graham 'needed' to swap sandwiches...interesting as our meals were identical. However, by his 'eating noises' you would think mine was made of lobster

This one is for mama! Second bow of the day, but what is that on her feet? Dada is getting the hang of this and has Amelia in a pair of Uggs. Admittedly pretty proud of myself.

For the afternoon/dinner we went over to visit Amy, Dave & Alex. They were kind enough to take in this tired dada with two little ones. All the kids playing in sensory table.
It's been an awesome three days with the kids, but SOOO happy that mama is coming back tomorrow.


James said...

Great pictures, dada Jeff. Don't forget and start taking pictures at work to put into your next financial report!
Dad & Mom