Friday, February 19, 2010

Day One: And we're off!

Today was the first day of stay-at-home dada. As this was the first time that mama was not going to be around I decided to keep it low key and play here. As usual Amelia woke up around 9 and was excited to see Graham pop into her room...but was surprised to see me in the doorway. Day One with two kids was now in full swing.

Don't worry, Amelia's breakfast consisted of more than a can of mandarin oranges. She also ate a bowel of cereal and a slice of toast. Amelia showing off her fork skills.

We spent most of the morning upstairs building everything from a pressure washer, to a screwdriver (that was taken away quickly), to a plane. Here is a picture of 'Olson & Olson Engineering'

As I was making dinner I heard them singing, "Ring around the rosie...." However I don't think the next line of, "Spin faster Me-ya-ya...faster...FASTER!" is in the original version.


Not to worry, two seconds later the song began again. This went on until dinner was ready.

Day One ended with the movie Cars and the kids favorite treat = Popcorn. The popcorn boxes are care of mama and the wonderful gifts she left the kids for each day that she is gone.
It is now 930 and I am wiped out. I always knew Melissa worked hard...but playing with kids, being the family referee, cooking dinner, cleaning up all while getting 'action' shots of the little ones is draining. That said, I had an amazing time today and we are blessed with wonderful children. Now with Day One in the books, this tired dada is off to bed


ChanSoon said...

It seems that day one went well and everyone survived.
We hope Day Two goes as well.

Mom and Dad

Elizabeth said...

You are awesome, Jeff....Superdad!!!

Kelly Good said...

Way to go Jeff! I think we should drop Maddie off for you today and make the day more interesting! You can handle three right? What's one more? =) Have a fun weekend with your kiddos!

Leegirl said...

awwww I love the popcorn picture!!!!:)


looks like everyone is happy! Good job Jeff! one question though, where is Amelia's bow?

Melissa and Jeff said...

Good job guys! I'm impressed that everything is going so well. Remember though, Amelia does LOVE hairbows! I love and miss you! Jeff-you should feel very special...I NEVER get 5 comments...1 comment is a good day! :)

Sara Banks Tiedeman said...

Jeff - Glad to hear that everything is going well. I hope that Day 2 was a success as well! - Sara