Monday, February 22, 2010

Day Four: And we made it!

Today was the last day of the four day dada-weekend. Admittedly Friday was tough but each day got easier...which doesn't mean less tiring, but I built up some confidence along the way. It also helped that before Melissa left, she told me all of her 'tricks' to help the day run smooth.

Nope, not a picture from lunch. Dada had Amelia all ready for the day in black fur boots, a leopard dress, and a big hair bow for breakfast. Let's just pretend I didn't have to plan 10 minutes in advance how I was going to pull this one off.

After breakfast it was off to Cub as I realized we were out of bread (which I forgot to buy), juice, pancakes and fruit. They were great at the store....mostly because of the sucker they got when we walked through the door!

"Hi Mama, we're robots!" Some quick arts and crafts so the groceries could get put away.

Amelia is such an affectionate girl. "Come here Graham!"

Haha! My kissing robots

"Here Dada. I love macaroni and the spoon is just slowing me down!"

Long travel story short, Melissa ended up on a flight that landed at 835PM. Kids all bundled up in their car seats to go get mama!

We promised ice cream for dessert today...back when Melissa was suppose to land at 430PM. Instead we all sat down at just after 9!

In Amelia's lap is the octopus Melissa got her as a gift. Amelia then ran off to find/show Millie the 'oc-o-pus.' Doesn't Millie look excited!
Four days, twelve meals and eight nap/bedtime routines later I am exhausted. Tomorrow I'm heading back to the 'easy' job where nobody pokes other people in the eye or screams at others over a pen. However, I'm going to miss it. I wouldn't have thought it on Friday, but I absolutely loved doing this. I truly checked out of work for four days and got to focus on what is really important in life. I also have a better/deeper understanding of just how much work and love Melissa pours into our children.


Erin said...

Yay! Jeff, you made it, and it sounds like you did a fantastic job! Love the kissing robots picture - so funny! Welcome home, Melissa! I'm super jealous of your tan! ;)

ChanSoon said...

Welcome home, Melissa!

Like father, like son, Jeffrey. You and Dad have similar qualities. It is wonderful to know that Graham will grow up to be like you, also.

Melissa, you have done a marvelous job in helping Jeffrey with many little tricks including how to put hairbows on Amelia.

Jeffrey and Melissa, you are both loving terrific parents and sweet home makers.

Mom - ChanSoon

Sara Banks Tiedeman said...

Jeff -

It sounds like you did a great job. Your post yesterday put a tear in my eye. I'm so glad that you were able to check out of your day job and Melissa was as well. Thanks for all of the posts!


P.S. Nice tan Mel!!!

Melissa and Jeff said...

I want everyone to know that Jeff did an AMAZING job while I was away! The kids were happy, the fridge was stocked, and the house was clean!!!! Most importantly though, I KNOW that the three of them had some important time together to bond and enjoy each others company. I'm also extremely impressed by Jeff's new found blogging skills...perhaps Daddy Jeff needs to officially join the blogging world and become the weekend reporter??? :)