Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Back Fall!

Fall finally made an appearance today. Honestly, it felt like we went from shorts and t-shirts straight to winter coats, so today's crisp, sunny weather was much welcomed. We stuck close to home today and both Amelia and Graham had a ball playing in the leaves that currently blanket our yard. Amelia wasn't so sure about the leaves at first, but once I was able to coax her out of my arms and onto the ground, she quickly discovered that she could actually have fun! The kids both ran wild in the yard for quite some time, ate very big lunches, and crashed for lovely 3, yes 3, hour naps today! I'm not sure if the fresh air wore them out or if they were just catching up from their busy weekend. Jeff and I were enjoying a relaxing weekend out of town and the kids kept my parents very, very busy! In fact, on top of the usual toddler chaos that normally fills my house, Super Grandma was even able to potty train Graham!!!!!!!! THANK YOU-MOM!!The best part of this, is that Amelia is insanely jealous of the stickers and M&M's that Graham is constantly receiving so she too has decided that sitting on her own potty chair and doing exactly what Graham does is worth her time. I'm beyond thrilled to be down to one tot in diapers, but could it be that the second baby will actually be eager to leave the diapers behind?!?!?!

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing outside today. Out of all the yard toys we have, the rake was by FAR, the toy of choice...


Erin said...

Three hour naps, potty training success, fall-time fun in the leaves ... Sounds like all is well with the Olson family!