Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy morning with the kids...

Our morning started off like any other morning, but quickly turned into something that I can thankfully now laugh about. Here's how it went.....Amelia has been on a hunger strike of sorts since I returned home on Sunday night. Leaving for the weekend then dropping her off at sibling care at school yesterday has her feeling pretty frustrated. This morning though, her hunger finally won out, and she ate a huge bowl of Cheerio's followed by a container of yogurt. After breakfast we headed over to play at Alex's house. The drive normally takes 30 minutes, but thanks to pouring rain, our drive time was nearly doubled. Mid-commute, newly potty trained Graham decided that he had to use the bathroom. I was able to convince him that he would be ok waiting until we got to Alex's house. Since I was spending so much time focusing on Graham and driving, Amelia became fussy. I handed her a book to look at which would turn into huge mistake. Studying the pictures in combination with the stop and go traffic caused her to become very carsick which caused her to get sick ALL over the car. So, I've got Amelia projectile vomiting, Graham reminding me that he needs a bathroom, Amelia crying, and Graham insisting that I acknowledge his comments that the car stinks. Yes, the car did stink. In fact, it was so fragrant, that I was doing my best not to gag! I finally arrived at our destination, flew into the driveway, left the car running, pulled Graham out of the car and shoved him into the house so he could use the bathroom, and returned to the car to deal with the mess. In the pouring rain, poor Amelia was being stripped down to her diaper which only caused her to become more upset. Oh, the drama.... Thankfully, we were able to throw the car seat cover and Amelia's clothes into the wash and Alex was kind enough to lend Amelia a clean outfit. Once we all settled in and got over our morning excitement, both of the kids had a great time playing. My only fear is that thanks to my most sensitive nose, that Amelia's adorable floral car seat cover may never smell the same. Life with two toddlers is never dull!

Pictures of the kids working on an art project after I managed to clean up the lovely mess in the car