Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Officially Official!!!

Today was a very special day for our family! When a child is adopted from Korea, there is a waiting period before that adoption can become legally binding. During this waiting period (normally about six months), we have reports to send back to Korea, many legal documents to complete, and several meetings with our social worker. Although in our hearts, Amelia has always been 'ours', in the eyes of the law, up until today, her legal guardian has actually been the adoption agency. That all changed at 11:15 this morning though, when not only did we legally become Amelia's Mommy and Daddy, but she officially became an American citizen. Such big events, for such a little girl!
The hearing went very quickly and the judge the presided over our case was very kind. The last thing the judge said to us, or to Amelia actually, was an offer of congratulations on her new family. It was emotional to hear her say that-just a year ago, we were waiting to see our daughter's sweet face, and today, we were celebrating the union of our family. So, I'm thrilled to announce that it's officially official-She's ours!!!
Hanging out with Mommy just before the court hearing

This was the scene in the front of the court room

This was the scene in the back of the courtroom

Apparently adoption finalization hearings aren't all that interesting for a toddler, so Graham decided to provide some impromptu entertainment

After the hearing was complete, Amelia was invited to the front of the court room to sit in the most important seat in the room...notice Graham desperately trying to sit with her?

Graham arrives and reminds Amelia who is really in charge

Amelia's fan club (minus Sara, one of my dearest friends, who also attended but graciously took family pictures for us-THANK YOU!) Are you surprised to see who's still holding the gavel???

Miss Amelia Paige Olson-the newest little American citizen!


Steve and Krisanna said...

That is awesome!! Congrats Amelia!

Jim Olson said...

Congratulations, Miss Amelia. We are watching with smiles from this side of the world.

할머니 and 할아버지

Patty Lucken said...

Love and Congratulations to Amelia and her whole family! What an exciting day!

Miranda said...

What a great family. Congrats!