Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Play Day

I think the kids are thanking me tonight. Not once today, did I strap them into a stroller, or take them to run a single errand. Today was all about playing! Amelia and Graham spent the morning playing with their friend Livia. Each time I see these kids together it's almost surreal to me. I 'met' Livia over 2 years ago through a photograph just weeks after I laid eyes on Graham's picture for the first time. It's been so much fun to see those pictures come to life and see Amelia added to their circle. Back to this morning though...I'm not sure what it is about toddlers and toys, but there are certain toys at our house that are rarely ever touched. Yet, today, when that exact toy is in Livia's playroom, some of those same items are a hot commodity! Apparently a change of scenery occasionally is a good thing! I did my best to get a picture of all three kids together, but it never happened. These are three BUSY kids that are constantly in motion heading in different directions! I tried my best to get a good picture of all the kids, but this was honestly the best I could do... Amelia and Liv playing with magnetic letters on the easel.

I'm not quite sure why Graham wanted to be in the dolly stroller, but Amelia happily pushed him along...

Just a cute smiley picture of Amelia playing back at her own house after a LONG nap :)