Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water Weekend

We spent the entire weekend outside. Since we planned to stay in town and get done some much needed yard work, we were lucky enough to have sunny skies and warm temperatures. Amelia and Graham loved the fact that our outside to-do list was very long which meant hours and hours of playing in the yard. And, since Amelia is still completely obsessed with her sunglasses, outside in the sun was the perfect place to be!

Sunglasses with pajama's are an absolute must!

Even after coming inside to eat lunch, the sunglasses had to be perched on Amelia's face.

This afternoon, when Jeff and I decided we were done with yard work for the day, we got out the kiddie pool. The water was a bit on the cool side, but neither of the kids gave a moments hesitation. We definitely have two water babies in our family! Neither of them were too happy when it was time to leave the pool behind and head inside for something as boring as dinner. Hopefully, this fantastic weather continues and Amelia and Graham can be back in the pool in the next few days.
How cute is her bikini?? And yes, according to Miss Amelia, the sunglasses are still a required accessory.

Happy Amelia!

Yay for swimming!

Big brothers are supposed to dump water over their little sisters head, right?!!?

Amelia's glasses fell off at one point and she was struggling to get them back on. Without a single word of prompting, Graham leaned over to help her. It was such a cute interaction between the two of them!