Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cool Kids in the Tub

Both kiddos are sporting new shades these days and both kiddos are addicted to them. Removing the sunglasses will result in a meltdown....times two! So, because Jeff and I are working to choose our battles with regards to parenting, bathing with sunglasses on doesn't really seem like a big deal. Amelia and Graham were THRILLED to be allowed a few extra minutes with their glasses, and both of them giggled for the entire bath. It almost seemed as though they thought they were getting away with their silly parents didn't even notice the glasses!

Amelia feeling pretty cool! Notice the growing rolls on Amelia's arms? I'll save my commentary on her adult sized appetite for another post. :)

Glasses in the tub is so much fun!

Lots of love! (Please don't let this outpouring of affection fool you....we have very normal kids who spend half the day trying to get at each other out of frustration, a quarter of the day ignoring each other, and the remaining quarter of the day, never all at once though, is spent enjoying the others company!)