Monday, June 15, 2009

General Mills Picnic

Tonight we attended a family picnic for Dada Jeff's (Graham ALWAYS refers to his Daddy as 'Dada Jeff') group at work. It was a beautiful evening to be outside near the river in Minneapolis and both kids enjoyed watching all the action. Amelia and Graham were just a bit too young to participate in the organized fun for children, but they entertained themselves with picnic treats (cookies and chips), footballs, a bean bag toss game, and finally, we ended the evening with an ice cream treat. Summer BBQ's are the best!
Discussing strategy for their intense game of 'Bean Bag Toss'

Just being cute...for some reason, Amelia looks older to me in this picture...I still can't believe she'll be turning 1 in just over a week!

The best part of the evening...cooling off with an ice cream treat! This was Amelia's first taste of a fudgeicle. We thought she's be content with 'just a taste' but once she realized how sweet it was, she whined constantly until we let her eat nearly half of it. I promise, a post dedicated to her adult sized appetite will come soon...