Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Waiting for Spring...

So here it is the middle of summer, a time of year that I absolutely love in Minnesota, and we find ourselves already looking ahead to Spring in our house. About that time, I'm sure I'll be going crazy with anticipation because that's when we're expecting to learn about our little girl! Because the babies in Korea must be 5 months old before they're eligible for international adoption, this would mean that our little princess will likely be born sometime between November-January. Knowing this, I have a rough idea about her size at various seasons which means I can SHOP for pink!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!
We had our home study yesterday and things went exceptionally well. It's so much easier to talk about parenting styles this time around when we've actually had the opportunity to parent! Our social worker stayed for just over two hours and actually spent nearly 30 minutes just playing with Graham! Things definitely feel much more casual this time around. I honestly get choked up thinking about having another little one in our house. It's been a true honor and blessing to have Graham in our lives and we are so full of anticipation to watch our family grow again. We are so lucky!
So, now we wait and most things are completely out of our control. I feel like I've written those words so many times before-"things are completely out of our control" and that's one of the things that makes the adoption process so difficult to weather. We've still got a few "fun" things to take care of in the meantime though-we get to wait for our FBI fingerprint appointment and clearance, which we'll celebrate, then we wait for I600A approval (government approval for us to bring an immigrant into the country) which we'll also celebrate. Yes, we've got a long wait in front of us, but we'll do our best to celebrate each and every step along the way!


Amy said...

Congratulations on this HUGE milestone!! I'll bet Children's Home has a huge photo of the Olson family labeled "Best Parents EVER!".
Alexandra is anxious for her new friend to come home-- Grow strong, little one!