Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The next thing on our list....

Our social worker, Mary, is so fast! It's been just over two weeks since she came to visit with us at our house and our homestudy documents arrived in the mail today! Not too bad considering we had a holiday thrown in there too! The fact that we now have a copy is actually a pretty big deal because now we can get the ball rolling on the next step. Dealing with our social worker at CHS has been very easy so although I'm excited to move onto the next step, I'm also a bit cautious. We now have to deal with..... the when I have questions I will never be able to speak with a real person and our case will have truly been turned into just a number in a large pile. But, it is the next step towards being united with our daughter so we'll do it with smiles on our faces!

We (who am I kidding, we means me) will fill out the I600A application. It's complicated, but the short version of what this form accomplishes is giving us approval to bring a foreign child into the country. This is the very first piece of immigration paperwork for our child-so early in fact that this form will only be tracked by our names and not our daughters' since we haven't been matched with her yet. Once we receive our referral, we then apply for the second part of this application, the I600, which allows us to bring a specific child into the country. Basically, when we apply for the I600A we're asking for pre-approval. That's probably more than anyone really cares to know, but it is the next thing on our to-do list.
What we're really excited about is that as part of the I600A application we get to have our fingerprints taken again. WOO HOO! Not only do we get to have our fingerprints taken again, but we also get to pay several hundred dollars for it! There really is nothing better than sitting in an unairconditioned immigration office waiting room and being the only people who speak English...all in the name of our noncriminal fingerprints which we've had taken countless times over the past few years...those are good times!