Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Photo Dump!

In the interest of being caught up by Christmas, here are a bunch of random photo's. Enjoy! :)

The visit to Santa didn't start out very well. In case you can't tell, Amelia had a death grip on her Daddy. Then, because Santa is smart like that, he offered Miss Amelia a candy cane and everything changed in an instant....

In this case, a little bribery went a LOOONG way!

On our way to Grandma's annual Holiday Tea

Amelia doesn't go anywhere without her spunky shades

A spur of the moment puppet show staring "Graham and Amelia Puppets" lead to some very happy kids

Apparently, the puppets are very funny!

The puppet show encore

This giant brown box provided some serious entertainment! It was turned into everything from a McDonald's drive-thru to a rocket ship to the Great Sphinx (if you're confused about this one, I understand, I was too! But, Graham was insistent, so I went with it.)

Amelia spotted Daddy with the camera as she walked in with her class at the preschool Christmas concert

As luck would have it, Graham (first one on the right in the front row) was way to the right as he performed and Amelia was way to the left so it was impossible to get them in the same picture

Amelia performing - she is the fourth one in from the left in the front row

Posing with special concert guests Miles and Grace

"We're taking you for a ride Baby Grace!"