Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wrapping up the weekend....

Before dinner tonight, we took the kids the annual carnival hosted by our suburb. We promised the kids they could ride two rides and then we'd be heading home for dinner. I'm not a real fan of the whole "carni experience" :), so I figured we should prep the kids for what to expect so there were no tears when we didn't bring home any 8 foot tall purple gorillas or green lizards on a stick. The preparation worked, the kids happily chose two rides, the giant stuffed animals stayed exactly where they belonged, and we all went home happy.

Amelia LOVES rides more than any kid I've ever seen. Graham enjoys them but he's cautious. Amelia throws her normally reserved personality to the wind and lets loose on rides. He laughter is LOUD and contagious and she had us, and other waiting parents laughing right along with her.

Those are my babies up there! I guess we've hit another milestone...the kids are old enough to be on a ride that goes into the air without a parent! And yes, they loved it!

After dinner, we turned on the sprinkler and let the kids loose.....

Does Graham's face say "Happy!" or what?!?

Amelia spent a while singing and dancing with her "bumbrella"

And when she grew tired of singing and dancing, she found a spot to rest

Let the summer fun begin!


Kris Greer said...

I love it all!!!!!!!