Thursday, May 26, 2011

School's Out!

Today was the official end of the school year for our family. Graham completed his first year of preschool and we regretfully had to say good-bye to his beloved teacher, Mrs. Jan. She was fabulous and I honestly can't sing her praises enough. I've put in several requests for Amelia to be placed in her class come fall, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I can't believe that next year at this time, it will be the official end of preschool for more year and then, does time fly!

Until school starts back up again in the fall, we have a busy summer ahead of us. Graham is on a t-ball team, participating in a soccer camp, and taking tennis lessons. He asked me when he was going to swim, golf, and play basketball. I don't think there are enough days in the week to cram in all the sports my little guy wants to play. Amelia will be taking her first dance lessons and she can't wait! I bought her tap shoes and they haven't come off her feet since. She'll also be participating in the same soccer camp as Graham. It will be entertaining I'm sure to watch them play on the same team. We're hoping to spend many lazy weekends up at the lake and come August we're going to wrap up our summer with an amazing vacation...more on that later. :)

Graham's first day of preschool for the year

Graham's last day of preschool for the year

Graham and Mrs. Jan