Saturday, May 7, 2011

Race Day!

This morning we, along with Grandma and Grandpa (who was the official tot watcher while we ran), and our good friends Sara and Chris participated in a 5K race at Daddy Jeff's work. It's obviously May, and we've had maybe 3 days that have actually felt like spring, so the sun and warm weather today made it the perfect morning to be outside. After the adults finished their race (let it be known that Grandma beat us all) it was time for the kids to line up for their 'toddler trot'. To say that Graham and Amelia have been excited for this is an understatement. They play 'race' at home and go crazy cheering each other on as they cross the imaginary finish line, so to be able to participate in the real deal today was HUGE for them.

Graham and Amelia also have the yellow race shirts but I wanted to be able to see them in the herd of kids so they're not wearing them. Graham has on a white shirt with navy pants and Amelia has on white shirt with pink pants.


Keep running!!

Almost to the finish line...



Jim Olson said...

After your not so wonderful winter, you all deserve a wonderful fun run in the sun!

Kris Greer said...

It was so FUN to watch them run!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing! SOOOOOOOO adorable! (And yes, I did finish ahead of the adults in our group - go Grandma!)