Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cupcakes for lunch!

Graham was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend the entire day with his Grandma which meant that Amelia and I had the entire day together to do girl stuff! I asked Amelia last night what she wanted to do today and she said "I want to go to the mall for new jeans!". This cracked me she 2 or 15????? So, after a slow, lazy morning (Amelia woke up at 10!) we hit the mall. Amelia is turning out to be quite the little shopper. She repeatedly asked me for "one more store" several times. Hunger finally got the best of me so I asked her what she wanted for lunch. I fully expected her to request McDonald's but instead she very politely asked for a cupcake. I was ready to tell her no, but I stopped myself. If you can't eat cupcakes for lunch on a girls day out, when can you do it? So, Miss Amelia and I dined on beautifully decorated cupcakes this afternoon. I could tell that Amelia thought we were really doing something special so this might have to be our new tradition. After all, she did choose a banana cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting....fruit and dairy...what more could a person want?


Jim Olson said...

She is getting a good start on identifying the correct food groups!

Jon said...

oooooo!!! a banana cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting??!!?? that sounds PERFECT!!!! maybe i'll have to crash your next girls' day out, heh heh! :)