Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mail Call!

Yesterday, Graham and Amelia were the lucky recipients of a big box that came all the way from Korea! The kids wanted to tear into it immediately, but we waited until Daddy got home from work and I was actually able to hold them off until after dinner. In fact, I will confess to lining the packages up on the counter and insisting that the broccoli on their plate be gone before they were able to open them. It's all in the interest of healthy eating right??? And, since Halmoni is the healthy eating Queen, I figured it was ok to actually follow through! :)

The broccoli was eaten in record time and soon Graham and Amelia were happily ripping open their Halloween packages. Thank you very much, Halmoni and Haraboji, for all the treats! They loved everything, but I will say that the books, even a day later, are still what they're dragging around the house. I'm so thankful I have two little bookworms on my hands!

Amelia especially loves her Clifford book! This past week, Amelia has started talking NON STOP. No joke-the girl talks from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. She even talks through every meal. The other night at dinner, Jeff actually looked at me from across the table and mouthed "Does she ever stop?". The answer is no and the world according to Amelia is actually quite funny at times. Most of the time she talks about babies, princesses, and shoes, but recently, she's added "the big red dog" to her list of conversation topics, so the timing of the Clifford book and stuffed animal couldn't have been more perfect.


ChanSoon said...

Dear Graham and Amelia,

Halmoni and Haraboji returned home just now after a weekend trip to the east coast of Korea. On the way home, the traffic took almost six hours to drive about 160 miles as all weekend travelers were returning home from trips. So we were very tired but so glad to be home. The first thing we wanted to do was to sit back at our computer and very delighedly saw your pictures with our book gifts. It's just the best way to return home to see your smiles.


Halmoni, Haraboji