Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to the doctor...AGAIN

Poor Amelia just can't catch a break these past few weeks. We thought she was doing better this weekend. She was wheezing free, fever free, and the rash from her allergic reaction was just about a thing of the past. This morning she seemed fine. After lunch she threw up A LOT. After her nap she had a fever of 102.5 and was wheezing like crazy again. I called the doctor again. They told me to bring her in again. They gave her a nebulizer treatment again. They took a chest x-ray again. They tested her for H1N1 with negative results. After 2 hours at the clinic it was confirmed that Amelia has pneumonia again. This time in the other lung. We left there armed with a prescription for a new antibiotic, more nebulizer treatments, and a prescription for a maintenance wheezing drug that will also be administered through her nebulizer. We'll go back to the doctor again in two weeks for a recheck. Hopefully, we won't be back a day too soon.

Amelia understandably wants her Mommy constantly right now and because Graham has a cold, he also wants his Mommy constantly right now. Two sick kids and one Mommy...there doesn't seem to be enough Mommy to go around these days. I am sooooo ready for everyone to be healthy in our house!


James said...

What a sad look for such a sweet little princess...
Love, Halmoni & Harabogi

Kris Greer said...

Oh dear!! Sweet little Amelia, we love you soooooooo much! Feel better, little princess! :)

Steve and Krisanna said...

Poor Amelia! Poor Graham! And poor Mommy and Daddy! I wish everyone speedy recoveries.