Sunday, October 11, 2009


No, these pictures aren't a trip down memory lane to last winter. You're looking at Amelia and Graham playing in the snow YESTERDAY! I opened the curtains bright and early yesterday morning to discover a white blanket covering our yard. Our weekend plans included a quick trip up the lake to get the dock out of the water for the winter...I guess we were just in time because a very thin sheet of ice was already forming on the surface of the water. The kids were thrilled with the snow and couldn't stop laughing as they got to play outside. I'm glad they thought it was funny, because I felt like crying. I am not ready to deal with bundling up two children, I am not ready to deal with an awkward double stroller in a snow covered mall parking lot, and I'm not ready to deal with begging Amelia and Graham to keep their hats and mittens on. Basically, I'm just not ready for winter. I'm so unprepared in fact that Miss Amelia doesn't own a winter coat, mittens, or boots! No worries though, I ordered a puffy, warm coat for her last night and it should arrive in a few days...hopefully sooner though since the forecast for tomorrow includes 3 more inches of snow!

Not sure about the cold, wet 'stuff'...

Graham was THRILLED with the snow on the deck at the lake. It's hard to believe that just a month ago we were wearing shorts and t-shirts in this very location!

Happy Girl!