Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Airplane Adventure

Today we (Graham, Amelia, Miles, my Mom, and I) had the opportunity to fly around with Uncle Peter! Although Amelia is too young to actually understand that Uncle Peter was the pilot, Graham currently loves all things aviation and couldn't have been more thrilled to see his Uncle in the cockpit and hear his voice over the intercom.

Our day started with a trip through airport security. Thank goodness for the for the patient gentleman behind me, my two kids, and a double stroller that the TSA agents insisted be lifted onto the conveyor belt to be x-rayed! When it came time to board the plane, Graham was given his very own pilot hat which he wore proudly for the rest of the day. We landed in exotic Sioux City, Iowa and I had just enough time quickly change Amelia's diaper before the plane turned around and headed back home. For the most part, the kids did a great job on the plane. With just two adults and three active kids, there was a lot of 'musical chairs' being played, but I felt pretty good that my Mom and I were able to keep the babies all happy! Thanks Uncle Peter, for a fun day!

While waiting to board the plane, Amelia decided that her baby needed some cheerios

Graham's in-flight entertainment

Amelia's in-flight entertainment

snack break

Peek-a-boo over the chair

Fast asleep literally seconds before landing

Captain Graham! He was so excited about playing in the cockpit!