Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girls Day Out

Graham was invited to spend the day hanging out with his Grandma which means that Amelia and I had got to have a 'Girls Day Out'! Yes, our day did include a bunch of cleaning and several errands (soooo much easier to cross things off my to-do list with only one munchkin running around) but we did find time to fit in a bit of shopping and a nice lunch out. During our meal, Amelia started whining and pointing at my bowl of soup so I offered her taste, and before I knew it, she polished off nearly every drop! Add tomato basil soup to her list of foods that she LOVES!

When Graham arrived home around dinnertime I wondered how their little reunion would go. They smiled and giggled with each other for about a minute, then it was back to business as usual for them. We even took them for a bike ride tonight, figuring that since they hadn't been together all day, they'd be able to tolerate the close quarters of the bike trailer. Well, considering Graham repeatedly stuck his elbow into Amelia's face and she only bit him twice in response, I'd say things went pretty well. :) Siblings!

All cleaned up and full of smiles after tomato basil soup!