Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school and I was admittedly nervous. Tuesday's are actually Graham's class day which means that Amelia goes to the sibling care room right down the hall. Neither of the kids have ever been left in a "daycare" setting, so I was concerned how Amelia would react to her "class". The sibling care room is actually a fantastic place-they try to have more adults than children so there will always be an open set of arms in case extra comfort is needed. The only problem is that when Amelia is upset, the only set of arms she willingly accepts comfort from are my own! As I was checking her in, a friendly woman reached out to take Amelia from me and I thought Amelia was going to have a breakdown right in my arms. I decided to walk her into the classroom, got her started on a game, then told her I was leaving but would be back soon. I offered a hug and kiss and was on my way. Not a single tear was shed!

An hour and a half later when I returned to pick her up, she was crying though. I was quickly assured by her teachers that she started crying not a minute before I showed up. Apparently I was the second Mom to arrive, and when Amelia saw the first Mommy arrive and it wasn't me she began to panic. As soon as she was in my arms, she gave me her signature grin and repeated kisses. I have no doubt that Amelia knows I'm her Mommy!

All smiles before school
Graham was trying to tickle Amelia here but I begged him to take a break and smile for me

I PROMISE that this picture isn't posed. For those of you that know Graham, you'll know that he hates posing for pictures and no amount of bribery exists that would encourage this sort of pose. I wish I would have recorded the conversation they were having-Graham was telling Amelia that school would be fun and that she didn't have to cry! Could they be any sweeter?
And for those of you wondering how Graham did at school today, he did a FANTASTIC job! He followed all the directions, sat in the circle during song time (this NEVER happened last year!), politely ate his snack, then cleaned up his spot by throwing his garbage away and didn't cry when the parents and kids went to separate rooms. I'm so proud of him!


Kelly Good said...

What a precious sibling moment captured! You'll definitely have to pull that picture out in their teen years when they claim to hate each other!! I'm glad school went so well. I was thinking about the kiddos!

Amy said...

Amelia is so lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful big brother! I'm glad it went ok the first day. She'll be so excited to have Mama come WITH her to class later in the week!!