Monday, September 14, 2009

Amelia Talking

In the past few days, Miss Amelia has shocked us with actual words! For everyone that told me girls often speak earlier than boys, Amelia is proof of that! Although probably only Jeff and I, and Graham will pick up on what she's actually saying, each one of her 'words' sounds unique, so we're confident she knows what she's trying to say and not just randomly babbling. Just yesterday, she said "I Love You" and a surprisingly clear "Grandpa"(more like Gampa) to her Grandpa. Those two were added to her list of 'more', 'nose' (points to her nose when she says this), 'ba ba' (always said with utmost urgency of course), mah mah (milk), Mama, Dada, baby, and sticker (ticker). Not too bad for a little lady who up until 5 months ago hadn't heard a word of English!

In this video clip, Graham is giving Amelia and English lesson. He LOVES to point at objects, say the name, and ask her to repeat. As you can hear, I ask Amelia several times to say "I Love You" and finally, close to the very end (about 40 seconds into it), she indulges me. Although it has come out much clearer, I wasn't going to force her to repeat herself.


Amy said...

What a sweet little voice. Alex LOVES watching this clip OVER and OVER! :-)