Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twins Game!

Amelia and Graham gave their Daddy tickets to a baseball game for Father's Day. When I got the tickets back in June, an August game seemed so far off into the future but the summer is flying by and yesterday was the day. We went in with no expectations regarding how long Amelia and Graham would tolerate sitting at the game, since to be completely honest, I could have seen their behavior going either way. Luckily, they did a great job and their behavior even earned them compliments from other Twins fans sitting near us. Daddy Jeff and I had to work very hard to keep them content in their hard plastic chairs though. Let's just say that food, food, and more food, did the trick. We've got the kids so trained for their 7:00 bedtime though, that like clockwork, at 6:59, Amelia climbed into my lap to curl up and Graham climbed into his Daddy's lap demanding that the lights be turned off in the Metrodome so he could go 'night night'. Since dimming the lights clearly wasn't an option, we decided that 4.5 innings was a great attempt at our first ball game with two kids under 2!

Amelia still loves to be in the baby carrier. Here she is just after we parked our car and began our walk to the Metrodome.

Go Twins! Amelia was pretty excited to clap and cheer but you can see by all the empty seats the game hadn't even started yet...the teams were still warming up!

Hot dogs for all! And yes, Amelia is eating her hot dog like a big girl, complete with a bun. This girl can eat!

Sharing animal crackers with Dada Jeff

Just after 7:00-one tired girl!

On the way out of the game Graham was too tired to walk so I got Amelia in the baby carrier and Graham got a special ride back to the car.