Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A visit to the Zoo

Today, along with my Mom, we paid the Minnesota Zoo a visit. After the surprise party this past weekend, all Graham can talk about are goats, so the farm exhibit was just what he needed to get his 'goat fix'. Amelia was again not so sure about them and I can't say I really disagree with her. Although the little ones are pretty cute, big or small, goats are pretty stinky and loud. I was very surprised to see that the large cows absolutely freaked Amelia out though. She was not a happy camper in the cow barn, so that pretty much put an end to our farm visit. I think we've got a city girl on our hands!

Graham and Amelia are still learning the fine art of 'keeping your hands to yourself' in the side-by-side double stroller. Amelia likes to lean waaaaaaay back and stick her feet in Graham's face and Graham loves to pull out her hair bow. Even when they're contained in a stroller, I'm still playing the roll of The Referee Mama! After a few hours of roaming the zoo in the heat and getting into each others personal space, Graham and Amelia were extremely tired. Amelia fell asleep mid-tropical fish display and Graham was fast asleep not five minutes later. Judging by their level of exhaustion, I would say today's visit to the zoo was a success!

On a completely different note, but I'm guessing of interest to some, we were able to get a weight update on Amelia this evening. When we first arrived home from Korea and took Amelia for her check-up, her pediatrician wanted some routine blood work done. Since Amelia had just been in the hospital hooked up to an IV, we didn't want to traumatize her again so soon, so we decided to wait a bit. Well, we waited until tonight....Jeff was the unlucky one to escort Amelia and he's more than relieved it's over. It took three nurses holding Amelia down and Jeff standing in the hallway to get the necessary vials of blood. Poor Amelia and poor Daddy! But, we did find out that Amelia is definitely gaining weight. When we left Korea on April 2, Amelia weighed 19 pounds 2 ounces and tonight she weighed 21 pounds 8 ounces! I guess baby food agrees with our little princess!


Kelly Good said...

You sure picked a hot day to hang out at the zoo!! I hope you enjoyed the animals outdoors before the sweltering heat moved in! We should meet up there sometime when you're ready for zoo playdates! Have a great trip to the cabin this weekend!