Monday, May 18, 2009

Party Weekend!

For the past few months, my Dad, and brother and I, have had project in the works...a surprise birthday party for my Mom! It was no small feat to pull it off, especially since her own home was the party location, but I think the following picture says it all...we were successful in pulling off the surprise! Here is my Mom walking into her house and finding 75 people waiting to celebrate with her!

What made this party so special, was the amazing group of people that we were able to celebrate with. We are so thankful for all those that were able to attend, many even got on a plane to celebrate with us! Since keeping track of two kids in a crowded, loud house proved to be quite challenging, unfortunately I really don't have pictures of the actual party to share here.

The morning after the party, we got together with my out of town family for a brunch, and this, I do have pictures of. This provided the perfect opportunity for us all to visit some very special guests...both human and animal....As a joke for my Mom, my brother arranged to have two goats (no, I'm not kidding) attend the party. The party guests were a bit surprised to see two goats tied to an apple tree in the heart of suburbia, but 'Dolly' and 'Presley' did provide much entertainment and laughter. Much to my Mom's relief, the goats weren't hers to keep, and they returned to their farm home on Sunday afternoon.

Amelia getting to know her Great Grandpa

Graham LOVED the goats! He's going to be extremely disappointed next time he visits Grandma and Grandpa and realizes that his personal petting zoo doesn't exist anymore.

I'm a mean Mama trying to make Amelia ride on Dolly. Graham loved the goats but Amelia preferred to enjoy them from a distance.

Graham and Dolly having a staring contest.

Hanging out with Mama

Four Generations - I sure do feel lucky to be part of such an amazing family!


Kris Greer said...

I had the most wonderful weekend!! Thank you to all involved!