Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mama proudly holding her kids!!!

With today being Mother's Day I (Jeff) decided to make the blog entry and give Melissa the day off.....however coming up with witty lines and entertaining captions are not my forte. hmm....this is harder than it looks.

This morning Graham gave mama a Mother's Day present by sleeping until 730. Well almost, he slept until 615 and then called for her and he slept the next hour in between us. When everyone was awake he proudly presented Melissa her Elmo Mother's Day card. Graham was quite proud of his artwork (pen drawings on the front, inside and back of the card). Amelia was also proud of her card and the teeth marks left along the edges and a Gerber puff to go with it.

For lunch we met my parents at a restaurant and Amelia and Graham were on their best behavior. Amelia ate puffs and mum-mums while Graham drew with crayons on his placement. I need to admit that the impressive public behavior of my kids is due to Melissa hard work each and every day. At dinner time we met up with the other set of grandparents and Uncle Peter, Auntie Lynn and cousin Miles. Both kids finished off their meal with some 'iss-cream'...who doesn't like ice cream at the end of the night. As we left, we weren't on the road more than 5-10 minutes before Amelia was fast asleep and Graham was rubbing his eyes. Mother's Day 2009 was busy but being with family makes it all worth it.

One last comment, tonight I learned that writing the blog entry is not as easy as I thought. Financial models and spreadsheets are no match for the creative juices needed to turn out a "Day in the life of the Olson's" For those that think I am kidding, try taking over a blog for a night and let me know what you think.