Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Already?

I honestly can't believe it's Friday evening already. If I thought the days passed quickly with one child, they absolutely fly by with two! Even when we don't have much scheduled during the day, we're constantly on the move. Amelia's usually racing off somewhere to find a new toy to chew, Graham's chasing close behind to monitor which toy she's going for, and I'm trying to stay on top of both of them to ensure safety for all. Honestly, it's not as easy as it may sound! Even at 10 months old, Amelia has a strong opinion about what she wants, and we all know that Graham definitely has strong opinions so we're trying to find a balance that pleases everyone!

Earlier this week we ventured to General Mills for lunch. Graham loves visiting his Daddy at work and Amelia just appeared to observe all the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria over the lunch hour. Each time someone approached the stroller to say 'hello', Graham was very quick to point to Amelia sitting behind him in the stroller. He wanted to make sure that 'Amel ya ya' received a proper introduction!

Enjoying some Cheerios at lunch. We're lucky her favorite cereal is a General Mills product!

Attempting to get a picture of the the three of them...

Still trying to get that perfect shot....

Still not perfect, but at least we tried!

After lunch we pulled into the garage and I found Amelia with a happy grin

This is how I found Graham when we pulled into the garage. I love the cracker hanging out of his mouth!

This afternoon, both kids seemed rather wound up. Graham was literally running circles through the house yelling and Amelia followed behind trying to imitate Graham's lovely vocals. Amelia finally got tired of chasing Graham and collapsed on the kitchen floor only to lay there and laugh her head off. I really don't know what she found so funny!
Completely hysterical with laughter

Graham and Amelia studying the photo's on the fridge.

Apparently Graham thought it was time for Amelia to have a new diaper...