Friday, January 16, 2009

The mailman stalker...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but the title of this post is referring to me! The next item to cross off our list before we can bring Amelia home is for our (s-l-o-w) government to issue our I600. We will be notified of this approval via mail which is why I anxiously, and very impatiently wait each day for the little white mail truck to drive up our street. Granted, the past few days have been way too cold for Graham and I to run out and immediately check our box which means I anxiously wait for Jeff to come home and grab the mail before he heads up the driveway. Jeff knows what we're waiting for, and he also knows I'm beginning to go a bit crazy with anticipation. I can tell by the look on his face if our coveted envelope has made its appearance and so far, all I've gotten is Jeff saying "Sorry, not today" This isn't taking any longer than we expected, it's just that we're at the point where it could be arriving any day, and I am more than ready!