Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amelia's Care Package

It's been just over a month since we saw Amelia's sweet little face. For the first few weeks, I can honestly say that I did a great job keeping my emotions in check. You can even ask Jeff if you don't believe me! But, in the past week, I can feel the frustration and emotional side of me creeping back up again. At times, this process almost feels like a cruel joke. 'Sure, we'll let you know you have a daughter. And sure, you can see a picture of her. And sure, we'll make you wait a few months before you're allowed to lay eyes on her'.

Waiting for our referral was so much easier this time (granted it also went much faster this time) but waiting for our travel call is not even a single bit easier. Waiting is hard. Waiting for the government to do their job is hard. Waiting for two governments to do their jobs is even harder! Trusting in the process and accepting the fact that I don't have a bit of control in when I bring my daughter home is quite possibly the craziest emotional roller-coaster I've ever been on. Actually, I've been on this ride before, so even though I'm able to anticipate the peaks and valleys, doesn't make the ride any smoother. So, I've once again called in my good friends 'Ben and Jerry'. I spent quite a bit of time with them while waiting for Graham's travel call, and they're back to offer support. :)

I've also indulged in some (ok a LOT) of retail therapy. I've waited a long time to walk into the girl section of the store and pick something out for my daughter. I've picked up a few things over the past year, but only now, do I know who I'm shopping for and it feels that much more special. Just like with Graham, we are allowed to send one care package to Amelia. Her care package went out almost immediately after we received her referral, but I haven't gotten around to sharing the details. We're only allowed to send a single gallon sized ziplock bag. And wow, did we pack that thing full! When we dropped the bag off at our agency, we were told that if it popped open, they would just tape it shut, so not to worry. :) Amelia is getting three outfits (are you surprised by the color???), a hair bow, a photo album of our family, and a disposable camera (with hopes that her foster family will take pictures of her for us). Now, if could only get an updated picture of her wearing one of these outfits!!!!!