Monday, June 16, 2008

Efficiency at it's finest!

According to the voicemail we received when we got back in town last night, we should be hearing from our social worker at some point this week. I was hoping to hear from her in the first half of the week, but I certainly wasn't expecting to hear from her in the first part of the day today. She is one efficient lady and we sure are glad to have her working for us! Mary, our social worker, needs to come over and talk with us and check out the house and will be doing so on Monday the 23rd. That means that more than likely in less than a week, we'll actually be on the waiting list-WOW!!! Having already been through this, I really didn't expect to be nervous, but I am! I really don't know where these feelings are coming from-we know our social worker, she's already been to our house, we've already had many meetings with her for Graham's adoption, so I really wish I could kick these feelings of nervousness. I think the reality of the situation has finally hit me. We really are, in every sense of the word, expecting a baby!