Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playing catch up....

No surprise here, but I'm once again behind on the blog. Consider this picture heavy post my best attempt to catch up!

Amelia was so excited to go on her very first field trip. We went to the zoo but I think the ride on a school bus and a picnic lunch in a princess lunch bag was the highlight of her day!

Last day of preschool for the year!

Last day of preschool stop kindergarten! I'm glad Graham is ready for the next step because I'm sure not!

Preschool Diploma Time

Happy Graham

Amelia and her wonderful, fantastic, amazing teacher. Graham had her last year and I LOVE her!

Daddy Jeff and I attended our reunion at St. Olaf and it was a fantastic weekend catching up with old friends. The kids joined us for a bit so we of course had to document their visit to campus with a picture in the chairs.

 This picture won't mean much to many, but to our family and I'm sure other Oles, can it get any better than watching my children run and play with other future Oles on the hill behind Old Main?

A good trip to the dentist meant a trip to the donut shop. And yes, I'm fully aware that we just put all that sugar back onto their teeth, but it sure was fun!

Spider Man and Ariel the Mermaid shopping at Target.


Jim Olson said...

Great pictures. I remember Jeff using cafeteria trays to slide down a snow covered hill when he attended St. Olaf. Was it the same hill by Old Main?