Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Soccer Camp

Graham and Amelia attended soccer camp together last week. The word "camp" is probably misleading, since "camp" only lasted an hour each morning, but they both loved talking about how they went to "camp" all week long.

Both kids really enjoyed themselves, but I was surprised by how much Amelia LOVED it! Her personality in large groups is usually pretty shy and reserved, so I wondered how she would do. I kind of assumed that in both her ballet class and soccer camp, that she'd kind of hang back and follow the pack. How wrong I was! Amelia is truly a rule follower, and when a teacher or coach gives instructions, Amelia takes pride in doing it quickly and correctly. Can you say perfectionist?!?!?

Graham also really enjoyed himself but I really think his favorite part was hanging out with the "big boys"...aka coaches. Graham desperately wants to just hang out with the guys and the soccer coaches couldn't have been nicer to our chatty, always full of questions, Graham!


Leegirl said...

I love both of their cute little soccer socks!:) I bet they were adorable to watch