Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ballet Class

Not to be outdone by Graham, who started t-ball yesterday, Amelia started ballet lessons this morning! She's been very excited for her classes to start, and today was finally the day! Amelia hasCheck Spelling quite the leotard collection and she proudly chose her black one for the occasion. I was shocked, as 99.9 % of the time when anything pink is an option, pink is the choice she makes.

The Mommy's aren't allowed to stay in the dance studio during class as we'd apparently be too much of a distraction to the little ballerinas. I can't possibly imagine how excited Mommy's with cameras and constant "oohing and ahhing" could possibly be a distraction, but anyways....:) We stayed in the lobby and got to observe class on the flat screen tv. I did sneak a few pictures through the window on the studio door though. There is no way I could ever let Amelia's first ballet class go undocumented! Amelia is very much a "rule follower" and is extremely conscientious of doing the right things so I wasn't surprised to observe her closely following the directions as the teachers modeled the basic ballet moves. It wouldn't have mattered what she did in class today though...there is nothing cuter than a toddler ballet class!


Kris Greer said...

TOO CUTE!!!!!!!! :)