Sunday, February 20, 2011

"My Dentist, My Friend"

We're currently experience snowstorm #999, 999,999 of the season which means we're pretty much stuck at home for today and possibly tomorrow if the predicted amount of snow really does fall. Last week we were lucky enough to have sunny skies for a few days and temps that climbed up into the 50's...unbelievable for February really. It turns out that was just a cruel joke, because today we once again have blowing snow and howling winds. On a positive note though, being stuck at home gives me time to update the blog....
Last week the kids both had appointments at the pediatric dentist. They both went last year and it was a complete flop. Graham cried non-stop and hysterically refused to get in the chair. Amelia also screamed so loudly one would think she was being tortured. The dentist assured me that since the kids screamed so loudly with wide open mouths, that she was able to sneak a few quick peeks at their teeth, that everything looked good, and that we could try again in a year. So, a few months ago, operation "The dentist is soooo cool" was put into full swing around here! We read "My Dentist, My Friend" almost obsessively, talked about how their teeth would sparkle, and let them know that a few treats for bravery would be involved. Thankfully, the recent efforts paid off and we had two very cooperative, brave patients!
Sporting cool shades! The kids wear sunglasses so they aren't staring straight into the bright lights. Yep, that's Daddy Jeff off to the side. I was smart and arranged for back-up. After our appointment last year, I knew a 1:1 ratio was crucial.
Graham was intrigued by the tools and wanted the complete explanation of how they worked and what they'd be used for.


Success x 2!


Jeffrey said...

congratulations kiddos!!!!

Jim Olson said...

Great job with the dentist!

ElleMura said...

Melissa this blog is soooo cute and it'll be awesome for me to read your tactics before Matthew encounters these things (like the dentist)! So excited to read but also so eager to see the full adoption story! I'm going to have to start at the beginning!